Monday, December 25, 2006

Win Everything

Do you remember when you were at school. Who were the guys that were cheating most successfully. By "most successfully", I mean getting the most value from the cheating. OK, that were all the students who didn't know the lessons. But why? One reasonable explanation is that they have accepted their poor marks. As a result, the smallest part they fill into the test is a plus for them. Moreover, whatever is filled in is a plus. So, in any case they win - the guys who have accepted there poor marks - they win everything!

What about all that action films? The hero whose family has been killed, why he can smash a whole army? That is because he has accepted the worse and as a result he wins everything.

In general, all bad thoughts are teasing your mind and you are not as productive as you can without them. So, if you accept the worse , there's nothing to worry your mind and you are the most productive and powerful. Now, as a conclusion comes the smart saying:

"When we've accepted the worse - there's nothing to lose anymore, that means that we can win everything"

1 comment:

Yavor said...

Nice saying man!
This is one of my favorites... so just keep doing this ;)