Thursday, December 28, 2006

Live Up Every Second and Be Happy

Have you been in the state of thinking that your life is not full, that you are unfortunate. Well, that is normal for everyone of us. However I'm sure that's not your favorite feeling. I bet you prefer to be happy and vital than thinking about your bad moments. OK, that is possible.

Now, remember your last excursion with your friends or family. May be you were parting and having a hearty laugh all the time. May be you didn't have any thoughts about being happy or not, but why? That's because most of the time you just didn't have time to think about that. Your time was taken up by fun. Usually, if you do something interesting to you, as having fun with your friends, your mind is concentrated on that and that ill thoughts will never reach your head :).

On the other side, try to think of the last time when you thought that you are unhappy. Was that during your free time? Was you doing your hobby or you were alone and not doing anything? In most cases you were alone and not doing anything.

Well, I know that I'm not discovering the world's biggest mystery. However most people don't realize that if they just live NOW, not in the past or in the future, and do what's on their hearts – they will never feel unhappy. In my view, if you learn how to stick your mind to the present and just live your life – you will be one of the happiest people in the world :). However, in case that any ill thoughts try to reach your mind, may be during your free time, just start doing your hobby and whey will be gone.

The secret of feeling unhappy is based on your free time. The time in which you can start thinking wether you are happy or not.

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Galin said...

Ok, Here I am :)
I will base my comment on a book that I can claim that has a magic inside. The book is a best-seller from a man with a name John Kehoe,The Mind Power.So everything is in your mind, and the way YOU manipulate your mind to act, this will be the result as a react:) You know what I mean :)
So if you wanna something to happen real, u gotta think of it as a happened thing, imagine it, try to see it, the method of visualization
. Follow these steps and You will see things happing around you as the way you want them :)
In two words, this will make you happy actually :)

That's IT :)