Saturday, December 30, 2006

10 reasons why people fail or have difficulties

Resist the failure by understanding it.

At this article I'll post 10 reasons why people fail or have difficulties. The information is an extract from the book of Napoleon Hill - “Think and Grow Rich”.

  1. Not clearly defined goal in life – No one could be successful in case that he doesn't have a clear goal in his life. 98 out of 100 people fail because of this reason.
  2. Absence of ambition to jump over the average level – There is no hope for the one who is mindless to life-improvement and is not ready to pay the price for it.
  3. Insufficient education – This could be overcame easily. Experience shows that best educated are self-though. Moreover education is based not on quantity but on its consistent and successful applying. You get money not for what you know in your head but for what you do.
  4. Indiscipline – You should control the negative parts of your nature. To rule the situation you should first learn how to be a master of yourself.
  5. Absence of tenacity – A lot of people are good of starting but not finishing their tasks. Even more, most of them quit their ideas on the first symptoms of failure. Be tenacious and always finish what you've started.
  6. Negative personality – There is no chances for success for people who are in a negative mood. Such people could not have the cooperation of others.
  7. Hesitation – All successful people take fast decisions. On the other hand failure is a friend of people who make stagnant decisions and always change them.
  8. Fear – All kinds of fear lead to failure. You should overcome them to be successful.
  9. Excessive cautiousness – If you don't take risks you should satisfy yourself with the crumbs on the table of someone else.
  10. Stereotypes – Successful people don't follow any stereotypes.
Well, how many of these reasons are common to you? If any, you can try to strive away from them.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Dive into life, take the first step

Sometimes, when you consider taking on a new venture – whether it's starting a new business, looking for a job, beginning a saving plan or whatever it is – the task can seem overwhelming. It's as though you'll never cope with that. You might even wonder for a long time where to begin.

In fact the trick for your success is very simple: Just begin. Don't think about what will be the best choice in future plans – just take the first step. Stay centered in the present moment as best you can. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish over time.

There are many people who are considering a new opportunity, thinking about buying an item they've wanted so much or considering whether to ask for a dinner a girl. But, in many instances, these plans and dreams keep getting off until “the conditions are right” . However, what you should remember here is that the conditions will not be significantly better next week or next year. No matter how much you wait for the perfect moment you will still have to take the first step. If you take it now you will be a step closer to your dreams or even more.

So, as Confucius had said:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Used sources: book "Don't Worry, Make Money"

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Live Up Every Second and Be Happy

Have you been in the state of thinking that your life is not full, that you are unfortunate. Well, that is normal for everyone of us. However I'm sure that's not your favorite feeling. I bet you prefer to be happy and vital than thinking about your bad moments. OK, that is possible.

Now, remember your last excursion with your friends or family. May be you were parting and having a hearty laugh all the time. May be you didn't have any thoughts about being happy or not, but why? That's because most of the time you just didn't have time to think about that. Your time was taken up by fun. Usually, if you do something interesting to you, as having fun with your friends, your mind is concentrated on that and that ill thoughts will never reach your head :).

On the other side, try to think of the last time when you thought that you are unhappy. Was that during your free time? Was you doing your hobby or you were alone and not doing anything? In most cases you were alone and not doing anything.

Well, I know that I'm not discovering the world's biggest mystery. However most people don't realize that if they just live NOW, not in the past or in the future, and do what's on their hearts – they will never feel unhappy. In my view, if you learn how to stick your mind to the present and just live your life – you will be one of the happiest people in the world :). However, in case that any ill thoughts try to reach your mind, may be during your free time, just start doing your hobby and whey will be gone.

The secret of feeling unhappy is based on your free time. The time in which you can start thinking wether you are happy or not.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Targeted Knowledge

There are two types of knowledge: targeted and general. The general one, could not bring you money in most cases. Except the opportunity to take part of a big TV show. That general knowledge could be gained in most universities. However here is the problem of most educational systems. Usually you get lots of knowledge - valuable or no, but nobody teaches you how to earn any money with that. Most of the teachers know lots of specific and valuable things, however they don't know how to apply that to real-life ideas, which can bring you any money.

Let's take for example Henry Ford. Many people have thought that he had lack of education. That's not true. In fact, he had had “lack of general knowledge in school”. He had something far more valuable – the ability to target knowledge to his great ideas. He had knew also that everyone can get “general knowledge” when he needs it. It is just unnecessary to know tons of information. That's why he had different people to rely on different topics and that's one of the reasons he had succeeded so much.

Well, knowledge by itself will never bring you any wealth. If you want to have any earnings you should target your knowledge and use it by smartly organized plans. Underestimating “targeted knowledge” , misleads lots of people to believe that “knowledge is power”. That is not true. It is just a potential power. It becomes a real power only when targeted by specific plans to specific goals.

So, well educated is not the one who knows all the answers of encyclopedic questions. That is the one who has developed the ability of his brain to achieve whatever he takes up by targeting specific knowledge.

Used sources: “Think and Grow Rich” of Napoleon Hill.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Win Everything

Do you remember when you were at school. Who were the guys that were cheating most successfully. By "most successfully", I mean getting the most value from the cheating. OK, that were all the students who didn't know the lessons. But why? One reasonable explanation is that they have accepted their poor marks. As a result, the smallest part they fill into the test is a plus for them. Moreover, whatever is filled in is a plus. So, in any case they win - the guys who have accepted there poor marks - they win everything!

What about all that action films? The hero whose family has been killed, why he can smash a whole army? That is because he has accepted the worse and as a result he wins everything.

In general, all bad thoughts are teasing your mind and you are not as productive as you can without them. So, if you accept the worse , there's nothing to worry your mind and you are the most productive and powerful. Now, as a conclusion comes the smart saying:

"When we've accepted the worse - there's nothing to lose anymore, that means that we can win everything"

Hello Happy World :)

I will place the beginning of this blog, now. It's named "City-Cafe", because here will be placed short articles, one-coffee-break time, about different valuable topics. For example: personal development, comments on smart thoughts, ideas how to better your life, increase your bank account, live happier. All information will be summarized from personal experience, books and articles, other people's blogs.

I think this site will be valuable to all people who appreciate their time. So, you can start your day by drinking a cup of coffee and reading a couple lines that will better your day, why not? There will always have some smart thoughts that can change your day in the positive direction.

Well, remember that one smile can better the whole your life.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

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