Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Targeted Knowledge

There are two types of knowledge: targeted and general. The general one, could not bring you money in most cases. Except the opportunity to take part of a big TV show. That general knowledge could be gained in most universities. However here is the problem of most educational systems. Usually you get lots of knowledge - valuable or no, but nobody teaches you how to earn any money with that. Most of the teachers know lots of specific and valuable things, however they don't know how to apply that to real-life ideas, which can bring you any money.

Let's take for example Henry Ford. Many people have thought that he had lack of education. That's not true. In fact, he had had “lack of general knowledge in school”. He had something far more valuable – the ability to target knowledge to his great ideas. He had knew also that everyone can get “general knowledge” when he needs it. It is just unnecessary to know tons of information. That's why he had different people to rely on different topics and that's one of the reasons he had succeeded so much.

Well, knowledge by itself will never bring you any wealth. If you want to have any earnings you should target your knowledge and use it by smartly organized plans. Underestimating “targeted knowledge” , misleads lots of people to believe that “knowledge is power”. That is not true. It is just a potential power. It becomes a real power only when targeted by specific plans to specific goals.

So, well educated is not the one who knows all the answers of encyclopedic questions. That is the one who has developed the ability of his brain to achieve whatever he takes up by targeting specific knowledge.

Used sources: “Think and Grow Rich” of Napoleon Hill.

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