Thursday, January 11, 2007

Multiply your productivity

Have you ever had a feeling that you could be more productive. Sometimes people do their best and again are not as productive as they could. Even taking up a lot of great opportunities they still could not reach great success. At the end they can't see neither a big progress, nor a sufficient revenue. Where the key for that is? In fact, if you look up the picture above maybe you will find the reason for that low productivity. Well it is just in not finishing what have started. The same as the buildings above. I bet that the right building is priced a hundred times more than the left, or maybe a thousand times! It's the same in life - if you finish your tasks, goals, crafts or whatever you take up - you will have hundres of times greater benefit.

Let's take for an example one my fellow. He always has had the greatest ideas in the world, however he still can not show off with any results. He've started things like "Internet Service Providing", "Web sites building", "Designing and Distributing Video Security Systems" and he is dealing with "Voice over IP Telephony" now. All of these are concurent on the market and can bring him a great revenue. However the fellow I'm talking about could not show any results. I know why. He never finishes anything. I've shared this my view with him lots of times and hope he will come out with a finished product soon. The problem is that some people always go after the last excitement for the day and left what whey've taken yesterday in the past.

In fact it's a very simple concept, which is neglected lots of times. If you don't finish fully what've been taken up - you lose lots of money, time and value in general. I can guarantee that 9/10 finished work is a hundred times less that a 10/10 (fully) finished. Lets take for an example the sphere of "Internet Service Providing" - imagine that a client wants from you to supply him with internet. OK, you buy cable, you go to the address, next you install the cable. At the end you go to the client and plug the cable for internet into his computer, however your telephone rings and left the client. Your sweat client has everything but the configurations of the computer - he just doesn't get any service (but he has almost everyting). Well it's fairly simple example but it illustrates the results of not finishing your work. It's the same with anything else, even if not so visible sometimes.

Yes it's really simple to multiply your productivity, revenue or even your leisure time. Just follow my advice and finish everything you take up to the real end.

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